Barolo DOCG

Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo. Ageing: three years, of which  at least two are in oak barrels (see wine regulations). Tasting profile: The colour is garnet-red, with ruby-red to orangey nuances. The aroma is complex and ethereal, of ripe fruit  with vanilla, cinnamon and green pepper hints.   The taste is harmonic, full-bodied and dry, austere, with liquorice [...]

Barbaresco DOCG

Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo. Ageing: two years, of which at least one in oak barrels (see wine regulations). Tasting profile: The colour is garnet-red with soft orangey nuances. The aroma is complex, rich, with forest floor violet, fruit preserve and spicy fragrances.  The taste is full-bodied, charming, with a slightly bitter and tannin finish.   Note: Barbaresco is [...]

Barbera d’Alba DOC

Grape variety: 100% Barbera. Fermentation: maceration of the skins in stainless steel vats for about ten days. Ageing: in second-fill oak barrels, in order to obtain a well-balanced wine and to preserve its acidity and the other peculiarities of this grape variety. Tasting profile: The colour is strong ruby-red with soft garnet-red nuances.   The aroma is [...]

Roero Arneis DOCG

Grape variety: 100%  Arneis. Tasting profile: The colour is yellow with a green tinge; the tones are brilliant and bold. The aroma is  fruity, of peach and melon, very intense. The flower fragrance reminds of dandelion and elderflower. You can recognize a soft apple overtone in the finish. Yeast hints.   The taste is full-bodied and [...]

Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Grape variety: 100% Moscato. Fermentation: in pressure tank by fixed-temperature (20°) and constant pressure. Bottling is normally carried out in the middle of November.   Tasting profile: The colour is straw-yellow with gold highlights, like the grapes. The aroma is intense, fine, aromatic, with flowers, summer fruit and sage hints.   The taste is sweet, with sensations [...]

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