The SAPERI firm started with the joint effort of three friends and winemakers who decided to promote the wines produced in each of their farms with a single label.
Our names are Flavio Saglietti, Fabio Pezzuto and Bruno Rivetti. After many years of experience on the wine scene, we began a new project in January 2008: we decided to reserve part of our wine production and sponsor it under the SAPERI label.
We work with effort and devotion in our vineyards and in the cellar in order to produce a healthy, typical and high-quality wine.
We hope to demonstrate the value of the territory we live in through our products, with the typical grape varieties of the Langhe and Roero: Nebbiolo, Arneis, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato.
Why a single label?
As winemakers, we wish to communicate the passion and the love that we have for our work.
Our union under a single label gives evidence of the roots we want to preserve  which guarantee high quality to wine consumers. The belief we share in our wines allowed us three friends to approach the market with a single trademark: SAPERI.